Plaine Commune : a territory of culture , creation and INNOVATION at the heart of digital knowledge

Plaine Commune : a territory of culture , creation and INNOVATION at the heart of digital knowledge


Located north of Paris, the Public territorial establishment Plaine Commune is composed of 9 cities that cover 5 000 hectares, namely half the surface of Paris. The territory has 414 806 inhabitants. Building on its industrial past the territory is now perceived as one of the major attractive economic centres of the Paris region. It thus plays a central part in the development dynamics of the capital city, thanks to its location and to its diversified economic development offer.

Plaine Commune accompanies the changes in the area with the goal of making culture and creation the guidelines of its development and placing all the components of the territory at the heart of digital knowledge. The area boasts some major assets :

  • A road and rail network giving access to the main business centres (motorways A1, A86, RER B, RER D, RER C…)
  • The establishment of numerous companies, headquarters and institutions of all sizes
  • The presence of a major university and research centre north of Paris, to be soon reinforced by the arrival of the Condorcet Campus for human and social sciences.
  • The presence of national and international class sports facilities, cultural, administrative and heritage landmarks (the Basilique of Saint-Denis, the Seine river, the Stade de France, the National and Diplomatic Archives…)
  • A high density network of SMEs covering a large spectrum of activities, particularly in the tertiary sector. It is now the third tertiary hub of the Paris region with 1 300 000 m2 of offices.
  • The presence of key sectors such as audiovisual media, ICTs, banking and insurance and sustainable economic activities (eco-industries, urban logistics…)
  • Intangible cultural assets (specific expertise) which ensure a better cohesion between economic and social activities. This situates social and solidarity economy and cultural heritage economy at the heart of its development.
  • Arts and creation activities that underpin the project of the Plaine Commune Territory of culture and creation, as defined in the Territorial Development Contract signed with the State in 2014

TerriNum : The territorial center for digital prospective

TerriNum, the Territorial centre for digital prospective, stems from a partnership established in 2014 between the Plaine Commune Public territorial establishment and the programme for innovative training excellency IDEFI-CréaTIC led by the Paris 8 University.

Given that digital technologies put into question the making and managing of cities, Plaine Commune has involved IDEFI-CréaTIC, specialised, amongst other things, in territorial digital mediation, to help the local community imagine a digital strategy for smart city issues.

The project

Considering digital technology on a territorial scale

In order to be coherent with the territorial challenges, Terrinum started by evaluating the reality of the current digital situation in this territory.

The centre regularly interviews local players and carries out documentary research to identify actions, help new representations emerge among the general public, and identify obstacles linked with digital technology.

→ Study digital cities and smart cities on an international scale

Simultaneously, TerriNum is undertaking a survey of “smart city” initiatives in France and internationally. The aim is to identify structural measures implemented around the “smart city” as well as to highlight the different concepts and models of “smart cities” according to the various players and socio-economic and socio-political issues at stake.

→ Support public decision-making through a “strategic vision” document

The territorial diagnosis and the simultaneously conducted survey are used for making recommendations consistent with the identity, needs and issues of the Plaine Commune Public territorial establishment. The aim is to provide conceptual tools to help and participate in the construction of a long-term territorial digital strategy; to work in collaboration with the territorial ecosystem to define methods, governance and perennial tools.

TerriNum’s method

TerriNum conducted a survey between February and July 2015 of the Plaine Commune stakeholders (companies, local public players, associations, universities) with the triple goal of :

  1. identifying their position concerning the smart city,
  2. measuring the importance given to digital tools and ongoing actions,
  3. producing an analysis of assets, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

The results of this survey reveal that three major uses of digital technology are considered pertinent by territorial stakeholders: sustainable development, economic development and citizen participation.

In order to submit a strategic document to the public body in the last quarter of 2016, TerriNum organised 3 workshops with the players around each one of these themes. The contents of these workshops is available on TerriNum’s website

The presentation documents are available on :

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